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Merge PDFs Online For Free With PDFJoin!

5 Jan 2009 | | 2 Comments

pdfjoinIf you visit the online PDF services category for 4xPDF you’ll see that quite a few free online PDF related services have popped up over the past year. You can create PDFs, edit PDFs, convert PDFs to Word and search PDFs — all from the comfort of your browser.

In 2009, I anticipate that we will see a large increase in the number of new online PDF services, as well as enhancements to existing services, as the competition amongst PDF companies heats up online.

That brings me to the topic of this post. While it’s possible to combine multiple PDFs using PDFHammer, there hasn’t previously been an online service that was dedicated solely to the task, until now at least.

Launched a few days ago, PDFJoin! is singled-minded in its purpose: to joins your PDFs together and join them quickly. It lets you upload five documents, each with a maximum file size of 10 MB, and combine them with a quick click of a button. Hey presto, your new PDF is ready to go.

By the way, you might be confused by the various terms (combine/merge/join/append/etc) that people use when talking about making one PDF from two or more PDFs, but you shouldn’t be, as they more or less mean the same thing.

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