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mergepdf.net joins the ranks of online PDF merging utilities

12 Jan 2009 | | One Comment

This last few months has seen a bevy of online PDF merging utilities –  PDFJoin, PDF Hammer and now mergepdf.net.

They say:

For those who have ever had the issue of needing to combine multiple PDF documents into a single one in a hurry without actually paying for it or installing anything – a solution is now available.

A new service, MergePDF.net, was recently launched and allows users to join multiple PDFs through a web interface, free of charge.

Users can add up to 10 PDF documents with a maximum of 5 MB per file through the online interface.  After adding the files, pressing „Merge PDF!“ will upload and merge all the documents and the resulting file will be downloaded or opened in the user‘s favorite PDF reader.

All the uploaded documents, as well as the resulting files (the merged ones), are removed after they have been downloaded, or within a given time limit in the rare case when they are not downloaded.

To recap:

  • PDFJoin has a maximum limit on the output file of 10mb.
  • PDFHammer has a maximum limit of obvious listed limit on PDFHammer, although it locked up when I tried a 30mb (PDF Reference 1.7) file. It also offers a page level merging/shuffling as well .
  • mergepdf.net has a maximum limit of 5mb on each individually uploaded file.

Note: I have found at least one document containing JavaScript (such as our Tip from PDFScripting.com to Show/Hide form fields) does not function correctly after merging with all of these services.

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  • Lauri Lehtinen said:

    The Java Applet on PDFJoin! has been updated today, and I just tried to merge the example document containing JavaScript with it – and it works. Another great benefit of the new Applet is that there is no uploading of the PDF files involved, which results in very fast merging and increased security (your files don’t leave your computer). Enjoy!

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