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New version of Recosoft’s PDF2ID v2.0 ships

15 Jan 2009 | | No Comment

The Japanese company, Recosft Coporation has just released an update to their PDF2ID® tool for InDesign CS4®, which is part of their PDF2Office® family of products.

They say that the Standard version focuses on frames linking, drop caps identification and drop shadow generation, and that in addition, the Professional version can speed up conversion between 200-700% by taking advantage of multi-processor, multi-core systems. In addition due to so-called “seamless integration”, users are no-longer required to purchase additional PDF data recovery tools, which they say can save both time and expense.

The key new features are:

  • InDesign CS4 support
    PDF2ID v2.0 fully integrates and operates with InDesign CS2~CS4
  • Frames Linking
    A logical text frames linking mechanism has been introduced which automatically links text frames that are deemed connected. This allows text to flow from one frame to another, enabling easier selection and editing.
  • Enhanced PDF to InDesign property support
    PDF2ID v2.0 recognizes and applies properties such as drop caps, drop shadows and demarcates paragraphs in table cells. Numerous enhancements have also been made so that clipping paths and transparency applications are even more accurate.
  • Typeface Library
    PDF2ID v2.0 remembers and stores all font substitutions into a Typeface library eliminating the necessity to repeatedly specify font substitutions. The mappings in the Typeface library can be replaced and overridden as required
  • Conversion Presets
    Custom conversion presets can be specified and saved for later use alleviating having to specify conversion settings each time a conversion is performed.
  • PDF Annotation Enhancements
  • The prices vary from $299 for the Standard version to up to $399 for the Professional version.
    Note: this post is based on a press release, I have not sampled this product myself.
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