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PDF/UA Draft Submitted To ANSI

13 Jan 2009 | | No Comment

Duff Johnson has announced on his PDF Perspectives blog that the AIIM PDF/UA Committee, which he chairs, has submitted their draft standard to ANSI.

Nearly four years in the making, AIIM’s PDF/UA Committee today agreed to submit their draft standard to ANSI to be submitted to ISO as an ISO NWI (New Work Item). It’s the first formal step from the Working Group’s document to begin the full international process.

For those of you who are not familiar with what PDF/UA is, according to AIIM it is:

…not meant to be a techniques (how to) specification, but rather a set of guidelines for creating accessible PDF. The components and their structure are highly dependent upon which objects (graphics, text, multimedia, form fields) are to be present in the PDF file. The specification will describe such components and the conditions governing their inclusion in a PDF file in order to be considered accessible for a particular document type. The mechanisms for including the components in the PDF stream will be left to the discretion of the individual developer, PDF generator, or PDF viewing agent. 

Congratulations to the PDF/UA committee for reaching this impressive milestone.

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