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Tabbloid Converts Your RSS Feed Into A Magazine

8 Jan 2009 | | One Comment

TabbloidDo you want to get your RSS feeds delivered to your email inbox in the form of an digital magazine? If you answered yes to that question then check out Tabbloid.

Tabbloid is a web-based service run by Hewlett-Packard which automatically converts your favorite RSS feeds into a personal magazine. Simply visit Tabbloid.com, enter in an RSS feed, specify the delivery options (email to, frequency, day, time, time zone, etc) and site back and relax while the service automatically converts the blog posts to a PDF that is formatted like a magazine and then emails it to you. It’s a very simple service and the conversion process and the layout of the magazine in the PDF are quite smooth.

I have generated a sample magazine using the 4xPDF blog feed as an example. You can downlod it here (PDF, 200 KB).

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