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Quick PDF Library (formerly iSEDQuickPDF) acquired by Debenu

8 Feb 2009 | | No Comment

A few days ago, the company I work for, Debenu, creators of the personal document management package, Benubird Pro, announced their acquisition of Quick PDF Library (formerly SEDTech‘s iSEDQuickPDF) developer SDK. Our CEO, Karl De Abrew, also a co-writer on this blog said:

“Quick PDF Library (formerly iSEDQuickPDF | QuickPDF) was first released in early 2001 by SEDTech.  It’s a powerful royalty-free PDF developer SDK – including a 500+ function API for use with ASP, ActiveX, VB, VB Script, C++, C#, Delphi and is one of the most popular libraries used for creating, managing, and rendering PDF files. We’re extremely delighted to add this to our suite of products,”

Whilst development slowed considerably over the past few years, we’re happy to say that it’s now under new management. Obviously we’re pretty excited about it – go check it out at the Quick PDF Library website.

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