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XPS: Sense Of Something Coming

24 Feb 2009 | | No Comment

Guest contributor, Nick De Roeck, has written a very detailed article over at 4xPDF on the topic of XPS and how it fits into the world of electronic documents (and also, quite a bit about how it stacks up against PDF).

We are living in economic turbulent times, and everybody is into Web 2.0 (2.5?), social networking, new cloud services and rich Internet application platforms and yet I want to talk about something so relatively low tech as an electronic document format. More specifically about an electronic document format with the boring name ‘XML paper specification’, or XPS for short.

I understand that you would like to tune out, but hold on for a minute and let me finish my introduction here, and then decide.

Read the full article here: XPS: Sense Of Something Coming.

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