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BitDefender Named Three Malware In Mainstream Due to New Adobe PDF Vulnerabilities

4 Mar 2009 | | No Comment

Three types of malwares had been analyzed by a security software developing company BitDefender as the main threat to users as these malwares execute malicious commands into the user’s applications as soon as they are downloaded. These malwares are being scattered through PDF files attached through emails.

Backdoor.Poisonivy.GK, Trojan.Spammer.Tedroo.BA and Trojan.Spy.Goldun.Nep are the three malwares which had been analyzed by BitDefender excluding Exploit.PDF.A which had been the first malware recognized by the said company as inputting malicious Java codes inside PDF files.

These malwares are said to be capable of allowing the hackers to remotely connect to the infected computers and access or log the computer user’s applications. They can also transform an infected computer into another spamming machine or steal user’s identification to access personally restricted information.

More of this news here: http://news.bitdefender.com/NW969-en–BitDefender-Labs-Analyzes-Uses-of-New-Adobe-PDF-Exploit.html

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