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Nuance and Ricoh announce Personal Paperless Document Manager

31 Mar 2009 | | One Comment

The Personal Paperless Document Manager (PPDM) was announced by Nuance and Ricoh today. It’s designed to eliminate paper processes by scanning directly to both the desktop and if required, Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. Users can make directly access the touch screens on their MFP devices from their PCs.


  • Desktop Productivity – PPDM simplifies scanning with features that allow users to combine scanned documents with existing Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint content – all with drag and drop ease.
  • Enhanced MFP User Experience – PPDM leverages Nuance’s patent-pending PaperPort PSP server component to provide users with clear icon-driven selections on Ricoh MFP devices, with automated delivery directly to the user’s PC.
  • Personalized Scanning – With the PPDM server in place, users can directly customize their MFP scanning menus on any Ricoh MFP on the network, eliminating IT customization requests and freeing the time of busy IT staff.
  • Robust Support for PDF  PPDM includes both PDF-MRC, which compresses scanned color PDF to be up to eight times smaller than image PDF files, as well as PDF Converter Professional, which adds allows users to create PDF from any PC application, and provides robust support for viewing, annotating and editing industry-standard PDF files. PPDM also supports advanced PDF features such as redaction, form-filling and digital signatures.
  • Time Saved – PPDM includes Nuance’s OmniPage software, the most accurate way to turn paper and PDF into editable Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents – complete with text, columns, tables and graphics. With the average office worker able to type at about 35 words-per-minute, and an average page of text containing 500 words, the document conversion features in PPDM can save 15 minutes per page compared to manual typing.

Due for release in early Summer 2009 (approximately the end of June).

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  • Dar said:

    Buyer Beware! We bought this a year ago and the dealer still cannot get the software configured do be able to do anything with it.

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