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Will Windows 7 Get Its Own PDF Reader?

16 Mar 2009 | | 3 Comments

A couple of months ago I asked the question: when will Windows include a native PDF viewer? Well, we haven’t received any official word yet, but a curious hint was dropped on the Engineering Windows 7 blog recently.

Writing about the changes between the Beta and RC releases of Windows 7, Steven, the poster, mentioned that amongst the feedback they had received for Windows 7, were requests for a PDF reader to be added to the operating system.

Admittedly, he only said that people had requested such a feature, not that it was going to be added — but, why would he mention it at all, if adding it wasn’t on the cards? Surely that would just invite negative comments if a PDF reader wasn’t included when Windows 7 is released. Why get peoples hopes up if you don’t intend to follow through?

For a number of reasons, I believe that Microsoft will add a PDF reader to Windows. In fact, I think they will add a PDF creator as well. After all, Mac OSX includes these features — so why can’t Windows?

After the marketing failure that was Windows Vista, Microsoft will be keen to provide users with what they actually want in Windows 7 — and what they want is a baked-in PDF reader.

Will Windows 7 include a built-in PDF reader?

(Thanks for the tip thommck).

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  • JB said:

    That would be great! Yahoooo!

    I am so happy that most things will be “baked in” and the downloadable Windows Live suite is great (except Live Movie Maker, which truly sucks).

    Now if they could only get Windows Search to find highlighted terms like Copernic. . .

  • Chris said:

    If Microsoft do include PDF creation, I suspect that it will be the Save as PDF add-in that is currently an optional install.

  • Linkin said:

    When I noticed this post, I goooogled around, and found a PDF viewer for Windows 7 here http://www.win7pdf.com

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