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Some tips on exporting a PDF to Excel

6 Apr 2009 | | No Comment

Anyone who has tried export a PDF to excel knows that it’s not an easy process. Frequently it’s impossible to do it in usable way. Luckily for us, Rick Borstein from Acrobat for Legal Processionals has posted an article with some tips on how to export a PDF to excel using Adobe Acrobat:

Fortunately, Acrobat 9.1 offers a couple of different ways to export to Excel.

  1. Select table and open in Excel
    This allows you to select a portion of a page and open it in Excel.
    – Works best when you only need small part of the table 
    – Better results if the file didn’t originate from a spreadsheet
  2. Export as Tables in Excel
    This method uses some artificial intelligence to convert multiple page PDF documents to multiple worksheets in an XML-based spreadsheet file. It works best on files which were converted directly from Excel to PDF.
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