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Finally, Native PDF Support for the Kindle

5 May 2009 | | No Comment

Gizmodo is reporting that the next version of the Kindle will include support for natively viewing PDF documents.

The Kindle DX is rumored to sport a 9.7-inch screen, the ability to add annotations (could this mean a touchscreen?), and long-awaited PDF support. The New York Times is rumored to be chopping its monthly subscription costs from $13.99 to $9.99, though we wouldn’t hold out hope that this’ll save their industry. We’ll keep you updated as more info leaks out.

Who cares you might ask? Well, at the moment, if you send a PDF to your kindle it’s converted into a different format for viewing on your Kindle. Once again, you might ask who cares, but the problem with converting a document to another format is that invariably there is a loss in the fidelity of the documents content when it is converted.

So if how the PDF is displayed on the Kindle matters to you, then you care if the PDF is displayed natively or if it’s converted to another format before it is displayed.

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