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Adlib introduces PDF for SharePoint

19 Oct 2009 | | One Comment

Adlib Software, Server-based document transformation technology provider, today announced the release of its new product, PDF for Sharepoint.

The company said that the new added-value solution for the SharePoint Enviroment provides a set of PDF service that extends the SharePoint content and improves the performance of business processes.

This new application automates the conversion of electronic documents to PDF, offering the capabilities which were also available in Adlib Express. It also provides centralised management of document transformation standards in multi-departmental environments, the ability to transform high volumes of documents and automate document workflows.

PDF for SharePoint traits fast integration into the SharePoint Integration, with accelerated operational deployment via out-of-the-box, customisable SharePoint workflows.

The application workflow features:

  • Convert to PDF, which converts Microsoft Office as well as other legacy documents to PDF.
  • OCR (Optimal Character Recognition), which converts the image file to text searchable PDF.
  • Convert to PDF with Watermark, which adds a watermark to the documents
  • Merge Documents, which makes it possible to merge document into a single PDF and adding table content and numbering.
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