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Amazon.com decides that PDF is used as its creator intended

4 Oct 2009 | | No Comment

Waleed Al-Shobakky a science and technology journalist has published a recent piece highlighting the use of the security-related functions available within PDF files, and how they can be used by third parties, and whether this can be appropriate or inappropriate.

He says that Amazon.com has brought into being (what used to be the way in a lot of cases) the enforcement of publisher’s intentions. Amazon is able to do this by the Kindle device that works with PDF files.

Al-Shobakky notes that Amazon is able to do this by making use of the embedded laws that are capable within PDF files. An example of this was that a set of George Orwell books were automatically removed from the Kindle device — with no explanation.

Read Waleed Al-Shobakky’s entire piece >>

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