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Cogniview’s PDF to Excel converter ready for Windows 7

21 Oct 2009 | | No Comment

It won’t just be Windows 7 that’ll be released on October 22nd according to Cogniview. Founded by a team of experts in the field of “Artificial Intelligence, Information Retrieval and Software Engineering”, Cogniview are due to release an update of their flagship product, PDF2XL.

Yoav Ezer, CEO of Cogniview says that all four versions of their software will be ready to roll.

Specifically, as you’d expect PDF2XL is a product that converts …, well, PDF to Excel. Whilst I haven’t used it myself, the concept sounds very handy.

They say:

The one-time purchase of Cogniveiw’s PDF to Excel converter allows their customers to save countless man-hours, and also offers significant cost-savings as the software does the work that would normally require a full-time data entry assistant.

There’s quite a few other players in this field so it’ll be interesting to see who ends up dominating the market…

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