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Dual-screen e-book reader announced by Barnes and Noble

21 Oct 2009 | | No Comment

I guess as one of the power-sellers of paperbacks, it seems apt that Barnes and Noble are one of the big players to release a dual-screen e-book reader.

InformationWeek say that the “Nook” (can’t really say the name is too exciting, for me anyway… is it some sort of weird twist of ‘noble’ and ‘book) is based on the Android operating system, sports a 3.5 inch screen using E Ink technology. As you would expect it has a built-in wireless connection to allow for purchases of books from the B&N library.

A bunch of other fancy features like e-book lending, to a range of devices PCs, Macs, as well as iPhones, (some) Blackberrys, and Motorala smartphones. Pretty much a fairly comprehensive selection…

But most important for us here at 4xPDF — you can view PDF files sent across from Mac or PC.  So instead of carting around your laptop to try to read documents, or say squinting to read them on your phone — you can now use something much more suited to do so.

I’d say that there’s a fair chance of success here given that Barnes and Noble have many a place to sell in-store, obviously. And I guess for a business that stands to suffer considerably by a drop in sales of physical books – the Nook is at the very least form of insurance — although, perhaps a little highly priced for most at $259.

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