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FineReader Express Edition for Mac with Snow Leopard Support from ABBYY

10 Oct 2009 | | No Comment

ABBYY, a provider of document recognition, data capture and linguistic software, today revealed their latest FineReader Express Edition for Mac now supports Mac OS X v. 10.6 Snow Leopard.

FineReader Express Edition for Mac is a user friendly Optimal Character Recognition (OCR) application that can accurately scan paper documents, PDF files and camera images into popular electronic formats like RTF documents, XLS spreadsheets, searchable PDFs, and HTML files. This application makes ABBYY’s OCR technologies compatible with Mac platform and is tailored to meet the requirements of Mac users for quality document conversion.

This application delivers accuracy of text recognition in 171 languages, supports recognition of multilingual documents in up to 3 languages and intelligently re-creates layout and formatting elements of the original document including tables, columns, graphics, bullets and numbering. It gives user the ability to extract printed text from digital photographs and use their cameras as alternative scanning devices. This FineReader Express Edition for Mac from ABBYY’s supports conversion of various types of PDFs including image-only or scanned PDFs that can be transformed into searchable PDF format, ideal for archiving purposes.

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