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2 Ways to Convert PDF to PowerPoint

Today PDF is arguably the most widely used “final form” of document. Some of the reasons behind this are its paper-like property, quality of layout, security, compact size, accessibility and usage restrictions. Due to this, most documents formats like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are converted to PDF after finalized editing.

That said, the limited features of PDF editing sometimes can come as a drawback for people as they cannot edit them easily — for whatever reason.

Let’s take take PowerPoint slides that have been converted to PDF —  and teachers, lectures, technology commentators, etc.  If changes are necessary and the source document is nowhere to be found, then the most effective method (aside from starting again from scratch) is to convert the PDF back to PowerPoint.

Luckily, there are a couple of  free ways of doing this:

Indirect Conversion through Image Conversion

1) PDF to Image

One can use a free online service like convertpdftoimage.com to convert your PDF to Image files.

2) Insert Images into PowerPoint slides

Start PPT presentation, click Insert Slide (from outline), then click Insert Album from File/Disk, browse and find your desired images and select them to Insert, now you’ll find your PDF files are converted into PPT slides. After this, simply adjust and add content onto them.

Indirect Conversion via Word

1) PDF to Word

There is a free online service like PDF Online to convert your PDF to Word documents.

2) Word to PowerPoint

Start the PPT presentation, click Insert Slide (from outline), then click Object and Create from file to browse to find your desired images, select them and Insert. The content of Word file will insert into slides so that you can do further addition of content.

Note: You’re lucky — a few years ago — this used to be a) a whole harder and b) costly!

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