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MailGate e-mail security appliance enhanced with data leak prevention by Axway

13 Nov 2009 | | No Comment

Axway, today announced Data Leak Prevention (DLP) enhancements to the MailGate e-mail security appliance’s Policy Engine, enabling Digital Rights Management (DRM) for attachments.

Sources at Axway said that MailGate will now be limiting the recipient’s ability to alter or appropriate attachment information by converting inbound and outbound Microsoft Office attachments into password-protected, ‘locked’ PDF documents.

Integration of DRM into its Policy Engine by Mailgate ensures that senders retain greater control over a document’s integrity, even after being send to partners. PDF documents will be protected by a 32-byte password, created by the sending party which remains solely authorized to make document changes.

Recipients of a password protected PDF document will not be able to print, add pages, insert comments or copy and paste content if PDF conversion is enabled by the sender. It also removes metadata from outbound documents such as tracked changes, edits or revision history to ensure only desired information reaches recipients.

The company has also improved the product usability and performance in areas like improved user reports, message data logging and end-user graphical interface functionality, in addition to enhancing the data leak prevention capabilities.

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