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Foxit provides eSlick users with a new eBookStore

10 Dec 2009 | | No Comment

Foxit Corporation, an eDocument technology provider for mobile, desktop, and on demand platforms came out with its new eBookstore, www.eslickbooks.com for all eSlick users in partnership with Fictionwise LLC, a Barnes & Noble Company.

The eSlick’s version 2.0 supports the eReader format which will help the users to read the eBooks on their eSlick device. By looking at the ongrowing demand of the eBooks Foxit partnered with Fictionwise LLC, a Barnes & Noble Company which will help the eSlick users to read eBooks in their eReader format. eSlick users can browse up to 60,000 eBooks at the new eBookStore.

George Gao said “With Fictionwise’s new licensing agreement of eReader to Foxit, Foxit eSlick will be one of the first E-Ink reading devices which supports PDF, ePub and eReader”. Foxit V.P. of Sales. “We are really excited about this new launch. Our customers have been asking for this since the eSlick launch. We feel that this new eBookstore will enable all the eSlick consumers to read books from their favorite authors directly on the device without the need to purchase any additional hardware or software.”

eSlick supports ePub, TXT, and PDF files. eSlick is used by over a hundered million people worldwide, the device is made on the PDF technology and with the added support of the eReader format and the launch of the new eBookstore, the customers can now read their favourite eBooks and documents in the eReader format.

“Fictionwise is excited to be working with Foxit and to be powering their eBookstore,” said Scott Pendergrast, CEO of Fictionwise. “They are true experts when it comes to enabling popular eBook formats, and that flexibility is one of the great features of the eSlick device.”

To know more about the eBookStore, visit company’s website at www.foxitsoftware.com or www.barnesandnoble.com

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