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Global Graphics unveils Enterprise-Level free PDF Creation Software, gDoc Creator

1 Dec 2009 | | No Comment

Global Graphics, a company developing software for various OEMs including Agfa, Quark, Fuji Xerox, Kodak, HP, announced the launch of enterprise-level free PDF creation software; gDoc Creator.

They are looking for a place on the corporate desktop alongside Adobe, Google and Microsoft by providing an enterprise-level productivity application that enables user to do the following:

1) PDF creation, PDF/a (for long-term archiving of electronic  documents) or XPS documents from any Windows application that prints.

2) PDF creation, PDF/a or XPS from the toolbar in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, complete with bookmarks, hypertext links and more.

3) PDF conversion to .doc format for reuse in Microsoft Word.

4) Reading of documents in various formats and a unique “flick view” for quick browsing of documents.

Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics said “gDoc Creator is the only enterprise quality PDF software tool that is available for free,” says Gary Fry, CEO, Global Graphics.” He also said “Offering so much functionality for free will drive adoption in large enterprises at a time when their budgets are under extreme pressure. It also makes the basic free PDF software tools obsolete and puts real pressure on low-end paid-for PDF software”.

Gary’s note re: the enterprise-quality free PDF software tool may well be a reference to PrimoPDF…which is available for individual use, but not for enterprise. I’m downloading it now to check it out…

To learn more about the free PDF software, visit www.globalgraphics.com

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