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Improving the Reading Experience in the Sony Reader

Today there are variety of reading devices available in the marketplace, among these Sony Reader has been a very popular choice for users. The official format for Sony Reader is BBeB Book (LRF) but as PDF is such a widely used document format, it has also necessary been necessary for Sony to provide support for this as well.

Here’s how to enhance the reading experience in the Sony Reader when you’re using PDF?

a) Resize/Reformat the PDF

Why not just convert the PDF to Word then resize the content for the Reader screen size, then save as .rtf format. Put into Sony Reader by using any free PDF Converter, which can keep all the layouts and text content after conversion.

b) Increasing page refresh speed

Speed of page refresh is one of the most important factors for enhancing reading experience. Books in BBeB format are good, but there will be about one second delay when you switch to the next page when you read in PDF format. Reading text document (.txt) is much faster. If your PDF is text based file, then convert it to plain text first using any PDF to text converter  and then enjoy.

c) Create PDF for Sony Reader

All versions of Sony Reader does not support Word format. Take for example, the Sony Reader PRS-505 only supports PDF, BBeB and Text. Those who are using the former version of Sony Reader can create their own PDF files and make them portable. Microsoft Office 2007 provides the ’save as PDF’ add-on, just click on “save as” and you can see PDF is on the list. By this way, you can save the Word document, PowerPoint presentation, Excel spreadsheet as PDF format.

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