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Solution for Printing IRDs from PDFs by Rosetta Technologies

15 Jan 2010 | | No Comment

Provider of MICR printers and Image Replacement Document (IRD) software solutions, Rosetta Technologies, announced the availability of PDF Print Pack, which provides financial institutions a low cost option for printing IRDs from PDFs received directly from the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Federal Reserve Bank in 2009 encouraged financial institutions to transit to receiving returns electronically rather than being dependent on Fed for printing and delivery of return IRDs. The option given to the banks and credit unions with return items less than 25/day was to receive their items as Adobe Acrobat/PDF files from Fedline Web, and then be print on a MICR printer using IRD paper. With Rosetta’s MICR print guarantee, PDF print pack can print high-quality MICR IRDs from the Fed PDF file.

The solution starts from $699 and can be found at http://www.rosettatechnologies.com/pdf-print-pack.

To know more about the company visit www.rosettatechnologies.com

Source of Information [http://www.rosettatechnologies.com/rosetta-news-ird-print-pack.asp]

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