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From Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mac 2008 To PDF

Maybe you have done some presentation slides that you want to share but don’t want to be modified for example. For this purpose, the solution might to go with PDF.

So, you have a presentation created with Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mac 2008 and want to convert to PDF. In order to do so, simply follow the steps below:

1- Open your presentation using Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mac 2008. Look at figure (1).

Figure (1): Presentation opened using Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mac 2008

2- Click at the “File” option from the menu bar.

3- Choose “Save As…“. Look at figure (2).

Figure (2): The Save As dialog box in Microsoft Office PowerPoint Mac 200

4- In the “Format” option, choose PDF.

5- Navigate to the place where you stored your PDF file.
6- Double click on the PDF file to open it, in which case, you should have something as shown in figure (3).

Figure (3): The created PDF file

And that’s it…

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  • Sid said:

    It adds a border around the slide. Do you know how to get around that?

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