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From Microsoft Office Word Mac 2008 To PDF

Imagine yourself working with your Microsoft Office: Word Mac 2008 writing that document that you will be sending to your manager.

You are working calmly since you recognized that you are able to meet the deadline which is after a couple of hours.

You have finished now, and ready to submit the document.

But, there seems that there are submission guidelines you have to follow that you told yourself you’ll see once finished writing the document.

What is that?! A guideline is telling you that you have to submit the document in PDF format. And, there is no time, what to do?

Don’t worry, this is so simple with Microsoft Office: Word Mac 2008. Just follow the following steps:

1- Open your document using Microsoft Office: Word Mac 2008. Look at figure (1).

Figure(1): Document opened using Microsoft Office Word Mac 2008

2- Click at the “File” option from the menu bar.

3- Choose “Save As…“. Look at figure (2).

Figure(2): The Save As dialog box in Microsoft Office Word Mac 2008

4- In the “Format” option, choose PDF.

5- Navigate to the place where you stored your PDF file.

6- Double click on the PDF file to open it, in which case, you should have something as shown in figure (3).

Figure(3): The created PDF file

You are all set. Go ahead an send the document to your manager. But, don’t forget the other guidelines!

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  • alex said:

    Dude, the stupid word:mac saves a 4MB doc file to a 20MB pdf – How the heck are you going to email something like that quickly. Gmail has a limit the how large a file they can send through.

  • Abder-Rahman said:

    I think this may be a good solution of sending large files: https://www.yousendit.com/

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