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Earning Money in the Freelance Market with PDF Conversion (to source documents)

If you are one of the many skilled and adept workers in the ever-increasing freelance market and you are looking to do something really new, try ‘PDF conversion’, and read on…

Search out a good freelance market

There are various websites offering freelance work, choose the one you are comfortable with. You can choose from Elance, Getafreelancer or Limexchange and many more like these.

Learn how to bid

Bidding is an essential part of the process. Try to bid in a productive way and provide your working hours and availability too. Make a bid between the range specified by the provider if you feel you can live up to the provider’s expectation.

Converting PDF to other documents professionally

You might wonder why would you opt for PDF conversion? Well firstly, PDF conversion to is one of the hottest projects that you can find on the freelance market because once a PDF has been created — it be can be almost considered to be like a printed piece of paper. With very few exceptions, it has almost no knowledge of its source application.  Second, editing PDF is generally not easy for “non-experts” — many PDF users do not have the ability or even capability to convert PDF to Word, PowerPoint or even HTML. Thirdly, PDF files can have security restrictions, people cannot copy or paste the content to Word document because of these restrictions. Many times there are users who have the legal right to get the content but don’t want to retype the PDF again hence they post these kinds of projects to freelance market

Job providers will send you some PDF files, and then you need to convert them to the formats they want. Usually, the provider will require that the original text content, images, layouts and even hyperlinks should be retained in the final format. Though various PDF converters are available in the market, you need to find the best one or even purchase a few to assemble a collection so you can produce the best results for your clients.

If the provider wants you to convert a scanned PDF, then you need an OCR converter. OCR’ing is required to create text in the PDF by analyzing the scanned image for characters that it recognizes as text.

Good luck!

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