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Five Free PDF Viewers for Ubuntu OS

2 Mar 2010 | | No Comment

There are numerous Portable Document Format (PDF) viewers that are freely available for different Operating Systems (OS). Here we have the list of five free PDF viewers for Ubuntu. However, some of these PDF viewers also supports other OS such as Windows, Mac OS X and UNIX.

  1. Evince – It supports PDF, Postscript, DjVu, TIFF and dvi. Further reading at http://projects.gnome.org/evince/
  2. xpdf – It supports PDF text extractor and PDF-to-Postscript converter. Further reading at http://www.foolabs.com/xpdf/about.html
  3. Okular – It supports PDF, Postscript, DjVu, CHM and others. Further reading at http://okular.kde.org/
  4. ePDFView – A lightweight PDF viewer based on Poppler and GTK+ libraries. Further reading at http://trac.emma-soft.com/epdfview/wiki
  5. Gv – It supports PDF and Postscript. Further reading at http://wwwthep.physik.uni-mainz.de/~plass/gv/

Ubuntu is a free and Open Source Operating System (OS) which is available under Debian GNU/Linux distribution. More on Ubuntu can be read at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)

This article originally appeared at http://unixlab.blogspot.com/2010/03/five-free-pdf-viewers-for-ubuntu.html

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