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Sunbelt Software announces Next-Generation Dynamic Malware Analysis Tool

25 Mar 2010 | | No Comment

Sunbelt Software, a provider of Windows security solutions, announced the availability of Sunbelt CWSandbox v3.0, the latest version of its software for automated dynamic malware analysis. CWSandbox uses Digital Behavior Traits (DBT), a unique behaviour analysis technology to identify malicious threats such as PDF exploits, fake media plays and other attacks on social, enterprise and government networks.

Sunbelt CWSandbox v3.0 allows security analysts to analyze the behavior of suspected files, PDFs, URLs, Flash scripts, custom and other Windows applications by executing code in a controlled environment. It records all malicious activity including system changes, network traffic and memory dumps.

CWSandbox automates the entire simulation process of user interaction with a malicious document or application and records all the activities automatically. In addition, the security analysts can simultaneously compare different malware in multiple environments.

The press release can be read at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/sunbelt-software-upgrades-next-generation-dynamic-malware-analysis-tool-88907007.html

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