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Adobe to enable silent PDF updates for Reader and Acrobat

11 Apr 2010 | | One Comment

Adobe Systems Inc. announced that it will enable a new regular background service on Tuesday, 13th April, to silently distribute and apply PDF updates to the worldwide installation of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat. The new ‘silent’ service is aimed to keep the copies of its software fully-patched for more users.

The key difference between Adobe’s existing and new update technology is that the latter would update the software in the background without additional notification or permission from the user. The existing update technology alerts the users on the availability of patches but leaves it to the discretion of users to install the patches. Hence, the new update technology would ensure that more and more users are fully-patched and covered for any known PDF vulnerabilities.

Adobe also intends to reduce the interval between regular updates from seven days to three days.

Adobe has recently been swarmed with numerous vulnerabilities and attacks on PDF documents. As per one of the studies, PDF vulnerabilities were responsible for nearly 80% of exploits in 2009.

The news appeared at http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9175043/Adobe_to_switch_on_silent_PDF_updates_for_Reader_Acrobat

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