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Symantec reports increased number of attacks targeted at PDF Viewers

22 Apr 2010 | | No Comment

Symantec Corp., a global leader in security solutions, released its Global Internet Security Threat Report vol XV which highlights the trends in cyber-crime for the year 2009. A notable highlight from this report is the dramatic growth in number of Web-based attacks targeted at PDF viewers.

The report highlights that in 2009, the number of attacks at PDF viewers has risen to 49 percent of the total observed web-based attacks while in 2008, the attacks at PDF viewers was only 11 percent of the total attacks.

The report also highlights an increased number of attacks targeted at Web-browsers and plug-ins that are commonly used for viewing media.

The full report from Symantec can be accessed at http://eval.symantec.com/mktginfo/enterprise/white_papers/b-whitepaper_internet_security_threat_report_xv_04-2010.en-us.pdf

The news appeared at http://www.h-online.com/security/news/item/Report-Symantec-says-PDF-readers-and-IE-are-biggest-targets-981756.html

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