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Adobe Acrobat 9 + Windows 7: A Bad Combination?

10 Jun 2010 | | 4 Comments

Late last year, I tried installing Adobe Acrobat 9 on the PC where I use Windows 7. I thought it was a good combination as I didn’t experience any troubles with the basic functionalities such viewing, printing, extracting and bookmarking PDFs. It turned out that a lot of others were not as lucky as I was.

I compiled the most common responses I received when I posted my experience in installing Adobe Acrobat 9 on a Windows 7 platform. Out of the comments I received, many reported that they had a good start with Adobe Acrobat 9 but with the installation only.

After installing Adobe Acrobat 9, the other users experienced a number of problematic situations within Acrobat itself such as closing instantly, not being able to print, freezing when scanning and so on.

Note: now, obviously the comments  have been made by those who have encountered problems more likely than not, however, they are interesting nonetheless. Take some time and read through these Acrobat 9.0 and Windows  7 comments yourself…

Windows 7 is actually still in its test run phase for many users but it surely promises a lot as it is considered as the worthy successor of Windows XP. It is just depressing that Adobe may not be keeping up with all the functionality problems that users experience when combining it with Windows 7. A good support system or a dependable resource of information both for Windows 7 and Adobe Acrobat users should really be in place for everyone who may still want to make this combination works.

For any comments or reactions, feel free to post. If you want to post questions, try asking your questions at our PDF Question/Answer site at 4x PDF Help site.

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  • Pariah Burke said:

    So far I’ve not had any trouble with Acrobat 9 on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on two different systems, and I use Acrobat heavily. On once system it was installed as part the Creative Suite, while on the other from a standalone BAT 9 Pro CD.

  • Chuck said:

    Read out loud feature does not work on adobe reader 9.3.4 with windows 7

  • Chrystin said:

    Adobe Pro 9 on Windows 64 Ultimate/XP virtual. I had to install/reinstall Adobe 9 three times before it loaded properly. It doesn’t work on the virtual machine at all (apparently a $140 hoax as nothing I’ve tried to load there, except for one dictionary, works as specified). Also, note that my version of Pro 9 is an upgrade, and it wouldn’t let me install the upgrade directly, even with the prior version’s code. I had to install, then install again until I got to version 9.

    Now the two standout problems to me are that I can’t get it to print normally to pdf, and it automatically sizes itself to 52.8% or less, and I’ve re-set it multiple times to a default setting.

    I was able to get it to print with 1.5 hour of tech support time (web-based) and he had to take control of my computer to get it to print. Now it will print to pdf, but it doesn’t print like it used to by opening a screen to name it; now a funky little icon comes up on the task-bar and I have to click on it to get to the naming function. I was also having trouble with Quicken’s print to pdf function and had to jury-rig that, too. The internal Quicken PDF printer still won’t work, so I default to the PDF from Adobe (no big deal, unless you’re a Quicken user without full-bore Acrobat and it won’t print).

    He also suggested that if I wanted it to work normally I should invest in the Pro 10 upgrade. I told him “no, thanks,” as I’ve owned Pro 9 for only a few months. Don’t you think if they came out with a new version within a few months they’d give you a much better deal on an upgrade?

  • Reed Haslam said:

    No issues installing Acrobat 9 on Windows 7 Ultimate.
    No issues with the basic functionality of Acrobat on Windows7 Ultimate
    However, I’ve had many problems with Acrobat 9 with Office 2010. The addins for Outlook, Word, and Excell, simply won’t work. For me that is a chunk of functionality that is missing.

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