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Adobe delays security patches for Reader and Acrobat

9 Jun 2010 | | No Comment

Adobe Systems, Inc. has decided to postpone a fix for the latest vulnerability discovered in Adobe Reader and Acrobat until the end of June. Adobe had warned on this latest vulnerability on Friday, 4th June 2010 which could lead attackers to exploit the Flash Player and Adobe Reader.

The attackers could exploit the latest bug to hijack the targeted computer through the compromised “authplay.dll” file packaged with every installation of Reader and Acrobat. The temporary fix is to rename or delete this file and it will work for Reader and Acrobat but this temporary fix does not work for Flash Player causing it to crash.

Adobe will patch this critical bug for Flash Player but the fix for Reader andAcrobat will be bundled with the impending patch which was earlier scheduled for 13th July. This previously planned patch will now be brought forward to 29th June to include the fix for the latest bug.

Read more details on http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9177811/Adobe_delays_Reader_patch_as_attacks_spread_exploit_code_goes_public?taxonomyId=82

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