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Chinese e-book Player challenges PDF

2 Jul 2010 | | One Comment

Beijing Founder Apabi Technology, a China-based Digital Publishing technology company, is taking on the might of Adobe PDF Reader with its new CEBX technology. CEBX stands for Common E-document Blending XML and is a unified layout document technology for e-books.

CEBX allows to store entire document data in a single CEBX file and is compatible with PDF. Apabi Technology claims CEBX technology is superior to PDF. CEBX technology is designed to integrate with various smartphones, handheld e-book readers and tablet computers. The company offers CEBX technology in three different software packages which includes:

  1. Apabi Reader – an equivalent to Adobe Reader and enables users to view the documents with no editing capabilities
  2. Apabi Marker – a tool to convert other document formats to CEBX
  3. Apabi Carbon – a full-featured CEBX editing suite

Beijing Founder Apabi Technology is a leading player in China’s e-book market and has contracts with more than 500 Chinese publishers. The company has also announced a strategic cooperative agreement with China’s Science Press to provide Apabi’s products in 18 different subject categories and more than 8,000 e-books.

Read more on CEBX technology at http://www.apabi.cn/English/index_en.html

The news appeared at http://www.informationweek.com/news/windows/microsoft_news/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=225702186

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