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Free online ink consumption tool launched

27 Jul 2010 | | No Comment

Digital Print Republic, an international online resource and community for digital printing industry, has launched a new free online tool for calculating the ink coverage breakdowns from print-ready PDFs.

The new tool is called Inkchex and is currently available as beta version for registered users. The registration is free.

Inkchex analyses the CMYK and spot colour coverage within a print-ready PDF, and reports the % per separation, per page or per document. The online tool also provides a visual representation of indvidual colour separations and its coverage across the pages. The reports can be saved for any future references.

Inkchex will enable the Printers to estimate and manage their production printing costs by providing additional information from analysis of print-ready PDFs. Inkchex is expected to prove popular with businesses using Toner and Inkjet based printers.

The free online beta version of Inkchex can be accessed at http://www.inkchex.com/printcalc/index

The news appeared at http://www.printweek.com/RSS/News/1018621/Digital-Print-Republic-launches-free-online-ink-consumption-tool/

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