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Symantec warns of new phishing attack guised as PDF download

12 Jul 2010 | | No Comment

Symantec Hosted Services has warned about new malicious email attacks that use fake PDF Reader updates and “free gifts” to entice users to provide their credit card details.

These email attacks were identified by MessageLabs Intelligence and these malicious emails are intended to mislead users to give-away their credit card details in return for a free gift.

The email offers the new version of a PDF Reader and provides number of attractive concessions to download the new PDF Reader. On clicking this link in email, the user is presented a professional-looking web page with details of the new PDF Reader and mislead user to provide personal and credit card details. Instead of receiving the PDF Reader, the website informs the user that their IP address or the credit card is blacklisted.

Symantec has advised to be highly suspicious and cautious of any such emails received from unknown sources.

Symantec Hosted Services posted this warning message on its blog on behalf of its Malware Data Analyst and AV Operations Engineer. Symantec has also provided the screenshots of the fake email and website. Please check further details on Symantec’s blog at http://www.symantec.com/connect/blogs/new-phishing-attack-guised-fake-pdf-reader-update

The news appeared at http://www.crn.com.au/News/219565,symantec-warns-of-pdf-update-phishing-scam.aspx

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