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Datamation announces PDF Reporter for SWIFT MT messages

3 Aug 2010 | | No Comment

Datamation, a developer of mission critical solutions for the banking industry, has announced an innovative aplonREPORTER, its new stand-alone application for converting SWIFT MT messages into easy-to-read PDFs.

SWIFT MT messages are used in the banking sector to allow financial and non-financial institutions to conduct financial transactions. aplonREPORTER supports all the SWIFT MT Categories (i.e. MT0XX to MT9XX). Although aplonREPORTER is a stand-alone application but it can also be integrated with existing banking applications for easy generation of PDFs.

The product-line from Datamation includes messaging libraries, payments system plug-ins, full payments systems and corporate cash management solutions, and all of these products support the leading international messaging formats such as SWIFT MT and the ISO 20022 based SWIFT MX and SEPA.

The aplon range of solutions from Datamation also supports SWIFT and SEPA bank payment, Corporate e-payment and cash management systems.

The press release appeared at http://www.newswiretoday.com/news/74865/

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