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A new tool for adding bookmarks and hyperlinks in PDFs

4 Sep 2010 | | No Comment

BookmarkSoft, a software developer, announced Bookmark Docs 1.2, its new tool for adding bookmarks and hyperlinks to any locations in PDF, CHM, MSDN documents and Web pages. Bookmark Docs provides an efficient and easy-to-use interface for users to place bookmarks and hyperlinks for easy navigation through documents.

Bookmark Docs allows the users to bookmark any location within the documents by a right-click on that location and selecting the Bookmark Docs. The bookmarks placed through Bookmark Docs navigates to the very specific location where the bookmarks were placed and not just to a page or to a paragraph.

Bookmark Docs also allows the users to generate hyperlinks to specific locations within the supported documents. The hyperlinks for Web pages are generated as a conventional URLs while the URL for PDF, CHM and MSDN documents are in a specific shortened format.

In addition to above capabilities, Bookmark Docs also provide the ability to search and categorise the bookmarks and hyperlinks through use of tags.

Bookmark Docs 1.2 requires minimum 0.9MB and supports Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

A 30-day trial version is available for download at http://www.bookmarkdocs.com/download.html

The press release appeared at http://www.onlineprnews.com/news/58810-1283589160-bookmark-docs-is-new-document-navigation-tool-for-adobe-reader-acrobat-chm-viewer-and-other-types.html

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