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callas software announced updated pdfToolbox with cross-platform transparency flattening

8 Sep 2010 | | No Comment

callas software Gmbh, a provider PDF solutions, announced the release of its significantly updated pdfToolbox product-line with support for cross-platform automated transparency flattening on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

pdfToolbox 4 version 4.5 is the updated software from callas software and its transparency flattening  is based on Adobe technology. pdfToolbox 4 can handle PDF files with live transparency for CMYK and spot colors, drop shadows, vignettes, translucent or softly blending objects while maintaining most raster, vector and text elements without any differences.

pdfToolbox 4 will allow the Publishers and Printers to accept the incoming files with live transparency without any need to update their own Raster Image Processing (RIP) solutions. It also offers an advantage to Designers and Agencies to easily and automatically create standard-based PDF files from one Master file, add drop shadows and use vignettes without compromising the creativity.

pdfToolbox 4 version 4.5 offers a stand-alone automated transparency flattening solution and it does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat Professional and pdfAutoOptimizer 2 which were required for the previous versions of pdfToolbox.

pdfToolbox 4 version 4.5 is available for the price of EUR 499 while the upgrade from previous versions is free. The pdfToolbox Server 4 version 4.5 is available for the price of EUR 3999. A trial copy of the software is available for download from http://www.callassoftware.com

The press release appeared at http://printingnews.com/web/online/Products/callas-pdfToolbox-4-Provides-Cross-Platform-Automated-Transparency-Flattening/4$13312

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