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PDFTron announces a Silverlight Document SDK for PDF and XPS

29 Sep 2010 | | No Comment

PDFTron Systems Inc., a leading provider of document conversion and processing technologies, announced the release of SilverDox SDK, its feature-rich document viewer and publishing platform for Silverlight. SilverDox SDK is a highly-customisable document viewer component which enables the viewing of PDF, XPS, MS Office and other document formats in Silverlight applications.

SilverDox SDK enables the Developers to include PDF, XPS and universal document viewing capabilities to their Silverlight applications. SilverDox Viewer is a lightweight component which can be freely distributed along with documents. It does not require any Server-side component and hence, it is ideal for distributing and sharing documents without any programming. SilverDox Viewer is full of advanced features such as support for resolution independent vector graphics, text search & highlighting, hyperlinking, printing and fast incremental download.

SilverDox documents are compliant to XPS standards and are web-optimised. This allows the viewing, printing and manipulation of documents using WPF, .NET and any XPS technology.

The minimum system requirements for SilverDox Viewer are:

  • Silverlight 4 on Windows or Mac, and
  • Silverlight compatible browser

The minimum system requirements for SilverDox Publisher are:

  • Windows (7, Vista, XP, or Server Edition) or Mac, or Linux
  • MS Office Suite 2007 or higher
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