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PDF Protection Software from LockLizard

5 Oct 2010 | | No Comment

LockLizard Limited, a Scotland-based Digital Rights Management (DRM) company, provides various high-quality PDF security software that uses DRM and encryption for information protection. LockLizard products include Lizard Safeguard PDF Security, Lizard Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security, Lizard Flashguard SWF Security, Lizard Protector Web Content Security and Lizard Guardian Software Copy Protection.

A brief description on each product is provided below.

  • Lizard Safeguard PDF Security – A PDF document protection software with DRM controls to prevent unauthorised users from accessing secured PDF documents. Document owners can define who views, prints, copies or modifies the document
  • Lizard Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security – Similar to Lizard Safeguard PDF Security software but for large enterprises to deal with large number of documents. It also features additional capabilities such as reports, bulk changes through batch processing, back-up & restore and auditing
  • Lizard Flashguard SWF Security – A software for protection of flash files – protects visual content and also underlying source code
  • Lizard Protector Web Content Security – A software for securing web content such as HTML, Image security and e-books. It also secures web content stored on portable media such as CDs, DVDs and Hard drives
  • Lizard Guardian Software Copy Protection – A software to prevent illegal duplication of software and applications. It can be integrated with existing applications to produce license control and time-limited trials

Read more on LockLizard’s PDF Protection Software at http://www.locklizard.com/pdf_security.htm

The profile of LockLizard appeared at http://www.i-newswire.com/locklizard-pdf-protection-software/64161

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