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callas pdfaPilot is now PDF/A-2 ready

15 Dec 2010 | | No Comment

callas software, a developer of PDF solutions, announced a newer version 2.3 of callas pdfaPilot, its PDF/A creation software. The new version fully supports all features of PDF/A-2 in regard to document validation and conversion. And this makes callas pdfaPilot one of the first tool to support the newly PDF/A-2 ISO standard.

This new release from callas software came just few days after the ISO’s adoption of  second part of the PDF/A-2 standard.

In addition to support for PDF/A-2, the newer version of callas pdfaPilot:

  • is 64-bit enabled
  • supports more file format for conversion to PDF/A
  • supports the split and merge of PDF files in Server version
  • supports batch processing of PDF files in Desktop version
  • support for new Adobe Acrobat X

callas pdfaPilot 2.3 is priced at EUR 379 and the pdfaPilot Server 2.3 will cost EUR 4,499. The existing license holders can upgrade to the newer version for free. A trial version of pdfaPilot 2.3 is available at http://www.callassoftware.com

The press release appeared at http://www.graphicrepro.co.za/asp/news_long.asp?nid=17006

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