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[7 Oct 2008 | No Comment | ]

You love PDF — but you’re hankering for even more info about what’s going on in the digital documents world?

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[29 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Leading Software Solutions Provider Teams Up to Strengthen PDF Document Security | ]

Two leading software solutions provider, Appligent Inc. and Nuance Communications Inc. has collaborated to strengthen PDF document security specifically when using and sharing them for legal, intelligence and homeland security purposes.

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[26 Jul 2007 | 3 Comments | ]

The add-ons for Firefox just keep getting better. This new one from Drawloop Technologies allows you to create and combine multiple PDFs directly inside your Firefox browser. You have the option of converting files from your desktop or converting the web page that you are currently viewing or a combination of both.
This is a great tool for anyone who doesn’t already have a PDF creator and only occasionally needs to create hassle and cost free, PDFs.
Check it out: LOOP for Firefox.
I look forward to the next great Firefox add-on.
Edit: there …

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[24 Jul 2007 | 9 Comments | ]

The number of different ways to create PDFs is growing daily. A few years ago if you didn’t have Acrobat, your options for creating PDFs were quite limited, but today there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free and commercial PDF conversion utilities out there that will allow you to create all the PDFs that you could possibly desire. In this post I will list a number of different free online PDF converters.

PrimoPDF Online – Simply browse to the file to be converted on your machine and upload it for …

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[21 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Whenever I edit my PDFs they triple in size! | ]

It’s an issue that causes heart palpation’s for new users of PDFs every day. You spend two hours primping and pruning your PDF document — editing a word here, adding a comment there — and then save your document and try to attach it to an email message only to discover that it’s file size has tripled and your email client won’t accept it. What the hell is this crap you scream!?
In a fit you shoot off an email to some forum in cyberspace, begging for help and …

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[19 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Why Optimizing for fast web view is not optimal for forms | ]

I recently stumbled across a very insightful post by Max Wyss about “one of the little secrets of Acrobat since version 4″, which could be very useful for anyone who creates PDF forms for the web. Basically, if you create a PDF form for the web and you save the document with “Optimize for Fast Web View” turned on, then it has the opposite affect and actually makes the PDF form slower to load in a browser.
To find out the reason for this, read the full article here.
All this fast that …

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[19 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Enfocus PitStop Professional is now Adobe Acrobat 8 compliant | ]

Enfocus released an upgraded PitStop Professional, an Adobe Acrobat plug-in which allows publishing professionals to fix PDF files in preflight.

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[18 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on PDF Readers: What are the options? | ]

Given the plethora of PDF Creators that are out there, you might expect there to be quite a few options for free PDF Readers as well, but this isn’t the case. There really are only two stand out options. The first option, Adobe Reader, is king of the mountain and has been around, in it’s current free form, since 1994. The second option, Foxit Reader, is a relative new comer and has developed a large following in a short period of time.

Adobe Reader. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that …

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[18 Jul 2007 | One Comment | ]

I have been using a handy Firefox Add-on called PDF Download for the past few months. This add-on allows you to specify whether you want to view a PDF file inside your Firefox browser or if you want to download it to your desktop. Without this add-on any PDF links that you click on would open directly inside your browser, which is not some peoples preferred option.

Of course you still need have a PDF Reader installed to be able to view PDFs whether they be on your desktop or in …

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[17 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on ElegantJ PDF 1.1 delivers Elegant PDF Documents | ]

Elegant MicroWeb has just released ElegantJ PDF as one of its rosters of software ranging from time table systems, business intelligent software and Java-based libraries.

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[17 Jul 2007 | One Comment | ]

What is the best practice for including PDF links on your website? It’s simple, make sure that the user knows what they are getting themselves into. I can’t count the number of times that I’ve clicked on a web link, only to discover that the link goes to a PDF that’s 20MB, and on a low-speed Internet connection (read: broadband in Australia), that can be quite painful. You soon find yourself reaching for the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys because your web browser has been temporarily hijacked [and perhaps not so “temporarily” if …

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[16 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Free Sudoku PDFs | ]

Fans of Sudoku rejoice. You can now download free Sudoku books in PDF format from www.printsudoku.com. Go on check it out. It’s guaranteed to frustrate you for hours.

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[16 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Inaugural PDF/A Conference held | ]

Could 2007 be the year that PDF/A breaks on through to the other side? It’s certainly gotten off to a pretty good start with the first ever PDF/A Conference being held in Stuttgart, Germany, by the PDF/A Competence Center. The event ran between the 8-9th of March and reportedly attracted over 200 attendees, which is a great start.
Visit the PDF/A Competence Center for more details.

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[15 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Software To Recover Lost PDF Password Released By ElcomSoft | ]

Adobe PDF encryption can now be broken in minutes if deemed necessary using ElcomSoft's latest software release.

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[9 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Docudesk Corp. released latest PDF converter deskUNPDF | ]

Docudesk, one of the leading creators of electronic document solutions, announced their latest PDF converter.