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MongoNet Releases New Web-Based Version of its “Open PDF Scanning” Solution

November 18, 2008

MongoNet Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a ground-breaking new “open PDF scanning” service — MongoSCAN — which enables users to instantly scan hardcopy documents, such as signed contracts and agreements, to any email address using ordinary fax machines.

“MongoSCAN puts PDF scanning functionality into the world’s existing fax network. Now, all 130 million ordinary fax machines can send documents directly to any of the world’s two billion email addresses, with no additional software or hardware required,” said Matt Henry, Founder, CEO and Inventor of MongoNet’s patented, open PDF scanning concept.

MongoSCAN is the new Web-based consumer version of MongoFAX, the company’s popular branded PDF scanning service for the enterprise. Consumer demand for a pay-per-use version of MongoFAX prompted the company to develop MongoSCAN. The new PDF scanning solution is ideal for time-sensitive, paper-based business transactions where the sender lacks access to a scanner but has access to a traditional fax machine. MongoSCAN opens up a new channel of document delivery, providing a more immediate and affordable solution than courier or overnight delivery services.

MongoSCAN is distinctly different from other fax-to-email providers. The system is open – anyone can scan to anyone without the need for personal fax numbers. Additionally, users are not required to sign up for an account, pay a monthly fee or install any software. Senders can also add a subject line and name their PDF attachments. This is significant because, worldwide, fax machines outnumber working scanners by a ratio of about five-to-one, respectively. MongoSCAN’s service enables time-strapped consumers to adapt familiar fax technology to their unique document delivery needs.

“MongoSCAN cover pages function as instantaneous delivery envelopes for the entire Internet,” said Adobe Systems Co-Founder, Co-Chairman and Inventor of PDF, Dr. John Warnock.

The new service accomplishes the same thing as scanning but in fewer steps. The service works with a new type of fax cover page, called an Email Cover Page(TM), created and printed at www.MongoSCAN.com. Users enter destination email addresses on the MongoSCAN Web form and print their fax cover page. Next, the user faxes their hardcopy documents through MongoNet’s fully-automated and secure systems which detect the email addresses and route the scanned transmission accordingly.

Recipients receive a standard email complete with subject line and a PDF attachment. The sender automatically receives a confirmation email containing an archive copy of the scanned documents, and a credit card receipt for his/her records. The sender’s credit card is provided only once during the initial cover page creation. Users are charged only when, and if, their scanned documents are transmitted, at a rate of 25 cent per page.

For more information about this new open PDF scanning solution, visit www.MongoSCAN.com or call 866-482-2229.

About MongoNet Inc.

Established in 1999, MongoNet Inc. is a privately-held firm located in San Francisco. The company has been awarded multiple U.S. and international patents for its innovative branded PDF scanning service — MongoFAX — which enables enterprise users to send documents from any standard fax machine to any email address without any additional hardware or software. MongoSCAN is the company’s new Web-based, pay-per-use open PDF scanning option for consumers. Both services provide a compelling alternative to overnight delivery, courier, postal mail, traditional fax, scanning and archiving services.

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