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[25 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

Last week Random House announced that pensions would be frozen at current levels for existing employees and future hires would receive no pension amid declining sales and a gloomy forecast for 2009. This week they announced that they are broadening their digital book business by expanding their e-book offerings to include titles by authors such as John Updike and Harlan Coben, as well as an old-time kids favourite the “Magic Treehouse” series, plus thousands more. Sounds like they are getting their house in order? (sorry).
Random House currently publishes just over 8,000 …

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[9 Nov 2008 | No Comment | ]

TeleRead.org reports that while traditional paper book sales have dropped in 2008, sales of E-books have actually increased 55.2 percent in the same period. To be fair, paper book sales still dwarf E-book sales, by a massive margin — but I expect that the increase in E-book sales will continue in 2009 as electronic E-book readers improve and become more accepted. And as people start to resent the ever increasing postal rates for paper books purchased online.