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[21 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

Drop by our sister site, 4XPDF for a quick top 7 reasons (and solutions) for what to do when your PDF will not open:
1. The display in browser feature is a dead duck.
2. Your PDF corrupted when you downloaded, and it’s stuck in the cache.
3. The PDF was damaged in the conversion process.
4.  You only have part of the file.
5. Your email scanner/spam agent renamed the PDF for security reasons.
6. Your PDF has an open-password.
7. Your PDF needs a custom security plug-in (usually for ebooks, corporate documents…)
Maybe next time, you shouldn’t leave …

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[21 Jul 2007 | Comments Off on Whenever I edit my PDFs they triple in size! | ]

It’s an issue that causes heart palpation’s for new users of PDFs every day. You spend two hours primping and pruning your PDF document — editing a word here, adding a comment there — and then save your document and try to attach it to an email message only to discover that it’s file size has tripled and your email client won’t accept it. What the hell is this crap you scream!?
In a fit you shoot off an email to some forum in cyberspace, begging for help and …